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  • Petrogenesis of the Early Paleogene North Island Syenite Complex, Seychelles
    The dataset consists of analytical methods and the results from analysis. The Appendices (A and B) are related to the methods used to measure the zircon U-Pb age dates. Tables S1-S10 are the geochemical data used to interpret the petrogenesis of the North Island Syenite Complex of the Seychelles and consists of zircon U-Pb ages dates, zircon Hf isotopes, mineral chemistry, whole rock major and trace element chemistry, whole rock Sr-Nd isotopic data, clinopyroxene-liquid temperature estimates, QUIlF calculations, and Rhyolite-MELTS and MELTS modeling results.
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  • QERaman: An open-source program for calculating resonance Raman spectra based on Quantum ESPRESSO
    We present an open-source program QERaman that computes first-order resonance Raman spectroscopy of materials using the output data from Quantum ESPRESSO. Complex values of Raman tensors are calculated based on the quantum description of the Raman scattering from calculations of electron-photon and electron-phonon matrix elements, which are obtained by using the modified Quantum ESPRESSO. Our program also calculates the resonant Raman spectra as a function of incident laser energy for linearly- or circularly-polarized light. Hands-on tutorials for graphene and MoS2 are given to show how to run QERaman. All codes, examples, and scripts are available on the GitHub repository.
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  • Niche differentiation of fern hybridization_Data availability
    Data for Niche differentiation of Pteris fauriei group, including P. minor, P. fauriei, and P. latipinna.
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  • List of avian species with information on the sample size, functional salt glands, kidney weight, body weight, the residual of kidney weight/body weight (K/W), habitat type.
    List of avian species with information on the sample size, presence/absence (+/-) of functional salt glands (FSGs), kidney weight in grams, body weight in grams, the residual of kidney weight/body weight (K/W), habitat type (completely freshwater, mainly freshwater, mainly saline, completely saline). Data sources are shown in superscript after the species name; a superscript C indicates data collected in the current study.
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  • SNPs data of Ammopiptanthus mongolicus
    obtained SNPs from GATK and samtools
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  • Kelvin-Helmholtz billow intensity determines effect on pelagic ecosystems in the Kuroshio
    Echo sounder images revealed weak and strong Kelvin-Helmholtz (KH) billow conditions produced over a seamount along the Kuroshio in two separate surveys. This dataset includes CTD information, and chlorophyll a and nitrate profiles used for the analyses needed to describe the effects of varying KH billow intensities on pelagic ecosystems in the Kuroshio. Vertical profiles of temperature, nitrates and chlorophyll a were plotted, using Surfer 13, for a time-series survey over K seamount and along two transects surveyed during each cruise. KH billows in the ocean appear to contribute to the vertical transport of nutrients, which promotes chlorophyll a production. Shallow billows, regardless of vertical scale seem to contribute to subsurface chlorophyll production by entrainment of ambient dissolved inorganic nutrients. Deeper billows, on the other hand, have a more direct role in resuspending materials from the seafloor.
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  • Variability in the mesozooplankton and ichthyoplankton aggregation and distribution over a seamount along the Kuroshio
    This dataset includes zooplankton and ichthyoplankton data gathered from the K seamount along the Kuroshio during two sampling periods: a) weak Kuroshio condition, and b) strong Kuroshio condition. The aim of this study is to describe the abundance, composition, and distribution of zooplankton in varied seamount conditions.
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  • Data for: Compact Star of Holographic Nuclear Matter and GW170817
    This the supplementary materials containing how we extract EoS by numerical calculations.
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  • Data for: Vestigial signal of Gondwana to Pangaea transition: U-Pb and Hf isotopic studies on 500-200 Ma magmatic zircon from Peninsular Malaysia
    Peninsular Malaysia 500-200 Ma magmatic zircon U-Pb dating (17 samples) and Lu-Hf isotope composition (30 samples) data for "Vestigial signal of Gondwana to Pangaea transition: U-Pb and Hf isotopic studies on 500-200 Ma magmatic zircon from Peninsular Malaysia"
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  • Data for: Physiological plasticity of corals to temperature stress in marginal coral communities
    The files contain raw data of all the physiological parameters analyzed using the coral samples subjected to temperature stress. The experiments were conducted in marginal locations; high-latitude Jeju, South Korea and non-reefal Penghu, Taiwan.
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